5 skincare hacks to get you out of the bathroom in under 20 minutes

Whether you’re getting ready for work or rushing to get the kids out the door for school, mornings can tend to be a bit manic. To help you save time ­– and money – we’ve come up with five skincare hacks to get you out of the bathroom in under 20 minutes. The secret is to choose multi-tasking skincare products for you and your whole family, such as a soothing cleanser or a tinted moisturiser that offers sun protection and sheer coverage.


Cleanse and soothe

Do away with your toner by choosing a cleanser that calms the skin as it purifies. Look for a gentle product that’s suitable for all skin types, such as Micellar Pure Cleansing Water. Containing witch hazel, geranium, white tea and cucumber, it’s designed to remove daily grime, impurities and makeup, and it soothes your complexion as it cleans. Or, choose a Deep Cream Cleanser with aloe vera and vitamin E that hydrates as it cleanses.


Say bye-bye to puffy eyes

Ever had one of those mornings when you wake up feeling exhausted? Yep, we’ve been there – and it’s written all over our face. One of our favourite beauty hacks for reducing puffy eyes in a jiffy is to keep a teaspoon in the freezer. Hold it under or on top of the eyelids for an instant cooling effect, cutting down puffiness and inflammation. Then add a dab of Antioxidant Soothing Eye Serum to help bid farewell to those fine lines and dark circles.


Three for the price of one

If your morning skincare routine currently includes a moisturiser, sunscreen and foundation, then things are about to get a whole lot faster – and cheaper. By choosing a quality Multi Effect Tinted Moisturiser, you’ll be getting hydration, sun protection and sheer coverage in one handy tube. It’s no wonder our tinted moisturiser is a favourite among makeup artists.


Zap that zit

Teenagers and pimples go hand in hand, and no matter how well they cleanse or follow a skincare routine for teenagers, the odd spot is going to pop up. A quick, affordable and natural solution is to make a paste out of sea salt and water, spread it over the offending spot, then rinse it off after 10 minutes. The salt will help tone down the redness and act as a natural antibacterial.


Ditch the milky coffee

Switch your morning latte for a mug of hot water and lemon juice to help cleanse your skin from the inside out. While caffeine and dairy products can contribute to breakouts, this citrusy sip will cleanse your body of toxins, leading to a brighter complexion in days. And clearer skin means less time at the mirror in the mornings!


For more beauty hacks, follow our three-step skincare routines for normal/dry or combination/oily skin. And for those days when you have more time on your side, pamper yourself with a purifying face masque or exfoliating scrub.




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