7 ways to kick start a natural skincare regime for your teen!

Establishing a healthy skin routine early on with your teenager is a great way to encourage positive skincare habits. Keeping their routine as natural and organic as possible is also important, to ensure their skin isn’t exposed to harsh chemicals.

Here’s seven ways to kick start a natural skincare regime for your teen…

1. Let them shop with you
Our schedules are busy and sometimes it's easier to just pick something up when your kids need it, but in the case of starting a new skincare routine, you want to make sure your teen has a say in the products they are interested in. 

If you have a teenage daughter, you’ll know that even if you select something that you may think is right, sometimes doing so without their input, can lead to a less than favourable response!

Set aside one afternoon to shop together, whether it’s instore or online. At Blessed by Nature, you’ll find only natural and organic products that are suitable for all skin types and at an affordable price, so you can create the perfect skincare routine for your teen's skin.

2. Find out what kinds of products they need
Some teenagers can have issues with acne, oily and dry skin. Your teenager will probably have an idea of what type of products they need for their current skin situation. If they don't, take a few minutes to help them figure it out. That way, you know which type of products will treat the issues they seem to have every day. This is also a great time to start talking about make-up and helping them select make-up that’s right for them and their skin type. It's not only important for teens to know what products will work for them, it's also a good idea to evaluate the products that we are using on our skin too.

Blessed by Nature’s ingredients are obtained locally from the most sustainable sources. Natural and organic ingredients are at the core of our range. Our products contain Australian botanicals, extracts, vitamins and natural antioxidants, plus natural essential oils.

3. Find a good cleanser
Hormones have a teenager’s skin working overtime. The right cleanser can help clean and fight breakouts and soothe their skin, too. Our range of cleansers have been developed based on your skin type, to ensure your teen’s skin is gently cleaned – there’s even wipes, which are handy for sleepovers, school camps etc.

4. Pick up an exfoliating product
One of the proven causes of acne in teens is a build-up of dead skin cells. These dead skin cells block the pores and make skin look damaged. An exfoliator is an excellent product to use once or twice a week to give dull, tired-looking skin a boost.

5. Make the time
It's recommended for teens to wash their face twice a day to remove any dirt and oil and prevent breakouts. If your teen wears make-up, make sure you explain how removing make-up before bed is essential for keeping skin healthy and an important part of their daily skin routine.

6. Hydrate and moisturise
Encourage your teenager to use products each day that will not only hydrate their skin but also leave their skin feeling soft and glowing. It's also essential to hydrate from the inside out, so don't forget to encourage drinking lots of water. Also, look for products that do double duty and provide daily skin protection as well, such as a tinted moisturiser with sunscreen. It's important to start protecting the skin they are in when they are young.

7. Keep your skin clean
Our hands touch a lot of things during the day, but teenagers touch even more. They go from class to class, locker to classroom, computer to pen. Dirt and oil can transfer from those things throughout the day. Try to encourage your teen to keep their hands away from their faces and when they do touch their face, make sure their hands are clean. Your teens face comes into contact with other things that can spread dirt and oil like their phone, pillowcase and make-up brushes so make sure they know the proper techniques for keeping those clean.

Proper skin care can be overwhelming. You may not know where to start, so creating smart habits when they are young can help your teen realise just how important their skin is and how they can protect it throughout their lifetime. 

Teens want to look their best, so give them the very best start with these 7 tips for starting a skincare routine.


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