A handy tip from Anna’s wedding prep

As my wedding to Tim fast approaches, I’m following a natural skincare routine to make sure my face is in top condition… but there’s another body part that has to get prepped for its close-up on the big day: my hands!

No wedding album is complete without a photo of our fingers wearing their freshly minted wedding bands, so over the coming weeks I’ll be giving my hands some extra TLC. Just like I’ve embraced natural and organic products for my face, I’m also drawing on Mother Nature’s most nurturing ingredients to keep the skin on my hands smooth and supple.

One of the fastest ways to see results is to ditch the harsh bar of soap or chemical-filled hand wash for a natural version that is enriched with nourishing botanicals and essential oils, like this beauty elixir botanical hand wash.

Made with hydrating aloe vera, cleansing mandarin, soothing chamomile, green tea and vitamin E, this refreshing hand wash moisturises as it cleans. And because it smells so divine, you’ll want to keep a bottle in every bathroom and by the kitchen sink.  

The next step in my quest for photo-worthy fingers is a nutrient rich hand and nail cream. I keep a tube in my handbag and another beside my bed to apply each night before falling asleep. The beautifully thick cream is filled with nature’s most effective moisturisers, including vitamin E, macadamia, cocoa butter and aloe vera, so it hydrates and heals even the most tired looking hands.

I like to pay special attention to my cuticles, so I don’t end up with any nasty hangnails. And the antioxidant-rich formula also helps my nails recover between manicures.

With this all-natural double-act, I’m well and truly ready for Tim to take my hand in marriage!


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