Anna Heinrich’s top skincare tips

The new face of Blessed by Nature, Anna Heinrich shares five skincare tips for a natural glow.

Clean slate

I love getting dressed up for photo shoots and events, but at the end of the day I can’t wait to take off all that makeup. I use a micellar pure cleansing water that’s infused with aloe vera, witch hazel, white tea and cucumber to purify and soothe as it cleanses. Plus, there’s no need to rinse, so it’s great if I’m on the run. Now that I’m getting ready for my wedding, I’ve started using a purifying face masque once a week for a deeper clean. 

Hydrate morning and night

I’m prone to sensitive skin, so I’m always on the lookout for natural and organic products that are mild but effective. To keep my skin looking smooth and hydrated, I use a sensitive moisturiser morning and night, applying in a gentle circular motion to my face, neck and chest after cleansing – yes, that’s right, don’t forget to take care of your neck and chest!

Get a natural glow

I do love a summer glow but I don’t roast myself to get one. I am a big proponent of being sun safe at the beach and even when I am exercising. For every day protection, I use a tinted moisturiser that contains sunscreen and gives a warm glow from a light foundation.

Eyes first

My #1 eye tip would be to apply eye makeup first before putting on foundation so that you don’t have lots of dribs and drabs floating on top of your foundation. And if my eyes are looking a tad puffy due to one too many early mornings or late nights, I apply an antioxidant soothing eye serum before moisturising. It’s also great for keeping any fine lines at bay!

Read my lips

Now it sounds super weird but one more quick trick I use is exfoliating my lips (hang on here… I’ll explain!). It gets rid of the scaly bits and leaves your lips ready to absorb the lip colour better. I also treat my face to a gentle exfoliation once a week, scrubbing away any dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion.

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