Are you missing a crucial step in your skincare routine?

When it comes to our daily skincare routine, most of us have the cleansing and moisturising part down pat, but there may be one vital step that you’re skipping – toning. A hydrating facial mist toner is particularly beneficial for those with oily or acne-prone skin, but everyone can benefit from the additional purification and protection of a toner. Read on to discover six benefits of using a toner every day. 


  1. Removes impurities

While a deep cream cleanser or micellar water is great for removing daily grime and make-up, there can be unseen particles left behind after washing your face. By applying a toner after cleansing, you’re getting rid of every last impurity.


  1. Closes pores

After washing your face in warm water, your pores are more open. A natural toner that contains rose water and witch hazel will help to close those pores, for a smoother, more blemish-free complexion.


  1. Soothes the skin

If you’re prone to redness or inflammation, seek out a toner that contains rose water and calendula, both of which contain anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the skin of redness and irritation, and help maintain the skin’s natural pH balance.


  1. Reduces skin blemishes

Witch hazel and calendula are natural astringents with antibacterial properties, so they are nature’s secret weapon in the fight against spots and acne.


  1. Cuts through the oil

A crucial step if you’re prone to oily skin, a toner that contains green tea and rose water will fight excess oil for a shine-free face.


  1. Hydrates and protects

While some chemical-packed toners dry out the skin, a hydrating toner made with natural ingredients will nourish and refresh the skin, adding an additional layer of protection to your face.


The Blessed by Nature hydrating facial mist toner was recently reviewed by Beauty Directory as part of their “Tried & Tested Travel Essentials” article. Here's what Rach had to say: What it is: A toner that will soothe, tone and refine the skin. My experience: The non-drying formula enriched with witch hazel, rose water, calendula, sweet orange and green tea, felt revitalising and soothing on my skin.  It smells really natural and fresh, and I love that it works to reduce blemishes and prevent bacterial growth - essential whilst travelling and going through changes of environment. This toner is now a staple and will be coming with me on all my trips!


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