Combat oily and combination skin the natural way

There’s a fine line between a dewy glow and a full-blown oil slick on your face. If you’re prone to oily or combination skin, it can be tempting to reach for hardcore skincare products packed with unpronounceable ingredients to eliminate shine, but there is a natural, more gentle way to combat oily skin.


Beauty Heaven recently chatted to Tilly Barnett, owner of No.13 The Beauty Avenue, about keeping greasy skin at bay.


“Oily skin occurs when too much sebum is being produced by our glands,” Tilly explained. “Our skin type can change due to many factors in relation to oily/acne skins. This change usually occurs with hormonal changes such as pregnancy and puberty.”


Tilly recommends looking for products with natural oil-absorbing ingredients, such as kaolin clay. The article says, “this oil absorbing skin care ingredient is usually found in masks that can help to leave the skin with a balanced finish.” And one of their fave kaolin-containing products is Blessed by Nature Purifying Face Masque.


Designed for normal to oily skin, our Pure Balance Matte Moisturiser also contains kaolin, along with nourishing macadamia, soothing aloe vera and chamomile, and gotu kola, which has anti-inflammatory properties to help tame and prevent flare ups. No wonder it’s become a favourite of Instagrammer @nolan_sylvan:

"Loving the @bbnskincareaus moisturiser! It’s the perfect cream to use as a makeup base when you have combination skin like me! Plus it smells divine" 💚😍

Other users swear by the oil-slaying effects of our antioxidant range. Blessed by Nature fan Amanda says:

"I have been using your Antioxidant Day & Night Cream for about 2 weeks now and can I just say wow. I love your products! My skin used to be so oily that half way through the day my make up would have all melted off. I used to wake up with a thick layer of oil on my face in the mornings. Not anymore. Your products have helped calm the oil production to the point where I no longer need those oil blotting papers through the day. I don’t wake up with a face full of oil. Not only do your creams smell amazing, they actually work and are a great price. Thank you!”

And while it may sound counterintuitive to add oil to already-oily skin, Alexandra Summerton has embraced the blemish-busting capabilities of our wild harvested organic rosehip oil, saying on Facebook:

“I have oily skin too and love the daily balancing matte moisturiser. I can even use my rosehip underneath and my skin doesn’t oil up by lunchtime  .

For a natural solution to spots and shine, try this simple skincare routine for oily skin.

  1. Cleanse morning and night with Foaming Facial Cleanser
  2. Apply a Hydrating Facial Mist Toner
  3. Moisturise with Pure Balance Matte Moisturiser
  4. Remove make up with Micellar Pure Cleansing Water
Twice a week, use a Retoning Facial Scrub and Purifying Face Masque

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