Finally, a gentle cleanser that cares for all skin types

Finding a cleanser that works for the entire family can be a tough ask. Whether you’re dealing with the delicate skin of pre-teens, temperamental teenage skin, or sensitive skin at any age, our micellar pure cleansing water has been specially formulated to care for all skin types.

We handpicked natural and organic ingredients that are known for their soothing and toning properties, such as witch hazel, cucumber, white tea and aloe vera, to cleanse and purify the skin without irritation.

Micellar pure cleansing water is a breeze to use – simply apply with a cotton pad to remove makeup and daily grime. There’s no need to rinse this gentle but effective formula.

We already know that Anna Heinrich is a fan of this miracle water, and we’re glad to say that you are too! We recently sent micellar pure cleansing water out to thousands of Australians to try with BlackBox Australia, and we couldn’t be happier with your feedback.

“I am allergic to 99% of things, so I’m glad to say it’s in the 1% of products I am able to use on my skin. It’s awesome.”


“AMAZING! I try to use organic face cleansers on my skin as it can be sensitive, so when I got Blessed by Nature in my BlackBox  was excited to try it and wow, wow, wow, my skin loved it! It takes my makeup off easily and my skin has started to clear up since using it, so thank you!

“Beautiful on my pre-teen daughter and gentle on sensitive skin.”

“It refreshed my skin and added moisture leaving my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. I have quite dry skin so I used this morning and night and it certainly helped my skin feel fresher.”

“I gave the pure cleansing water to my younger daughter who loved it. She has several allergies and has trouble finding products she can use.”

“I have highly allergenic eyes and have to be very careful which products I use. I tried the product and it was gentle and cleansing! I normally use a different micellar water, but for the value for money option I would purchase Blessed by Nature again.”

“I have super-sensitive skin on my face and was pleasantly surprised I had no reaction to this product. It’s a winner in my books.”

Discover a range of natural and organic skincare products specially designed for sensitive skin.


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