Five travel essentials for beautiful skin on the go

Whether you’re camping at the beach or jetting off to a far-flung destination, the best beauty products for travel are those that are both portable and versatile. Pack your bag with these five travel essentials for naturally beautiful skin on the go.

Smooth skin at altitude

You know the saying ‘good things come in small packages’? Well, that couldn’t be more true of our Wild Harvested Organic Rose Hip Oil. At just 20ml, it’s ideally sized to slip into your cabin luggage – and this antioxidant-rich oil is perfect for pampering for your skin at 30,000 feet. Dab a few drops on your face to fight the dehydration and tired signs caused by flying, or use in place of your regular serum, night cream and spot-corrector.

Bright eyes

Another pint-sized performer, our Antioxidant Soothing Eye Serum is a must-have in your travel luggage. The 30ml bottle will sail through airport security, and the gentle but effective formula of sunflower, aloe vera, jojoba and Kakadu plum will help diminish fine lines, puffy eyes and other side-effects of jetlag or a long drive with the kids.

Three-in-one winner

We know space is at a premium when you’re packing for a holiday, so why not consolidate three beauty staples into one high-achieving product? Our Multi Effect Tinted Moisturiser combines a nourishing moisturiser with sun protection and the sheer coverage of a light foundation. All this, in one convenient 60ml tube.

Keep it clean

Forget about lugging around bottles of cleanser and make-up remover. For a quick-smart clean on the run, whip out a packet of Purifying Cleansing Wipes. The fragrance of mandarin and lavender will give your senses a pick-me-up, and the antioxidants will leave your skin feeling fresh and healthy.

Hydrating mist toner

At 200ml, this great-value bottle of Hydrating Mist Toner is too large to take on-board a plane, but its recyclable plastic packaging is durable enough to pack in your suitcase. The refreshing blend of witch hazel, rose water, sweet orange and green tea will soothe, hydrate and rebalance travel-weary skin, and the floral fragrance can double-up as a subtle perfume.


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