Handbag essentials: two must-have beauty products for women on the run

Be ready for whatever the day throws at you, as Anna Heinrich shares these handbag essentials from Blessed by Nature.

As lucky as I am to get my hair and makeup done before an event, the day to day reality is I don’t always have professional help at hand! And just as I like to keep my skincare routine simple at home, when I’m on the run I rely on two key products to help me look my best, no matter what the day throws at me.

In fact, these two Blessed by Nature products have become so indispensable that I keep them in my handbag and my gym bag.

Freshness, fast

Whether I’m dashing between meetings or squeezing in a session at the gym, there are times when I want to give my face a quick cleanse, but I don’t have my favourite micellar pure cleansing water handy. That’s when I reach for a packet of purifying cleansing wipes.

These wipes are enriched with mandarin and lavender essential oils and they smell so good!  They gently clean my skin of grime and makeup, provide a dose of antioxidants, and leave a light perfume for an extra hit of freshness. Plus, as there’s no greasy residue there’s no need to rinse.

Hydration, protection and coverage, pronto

Once I’ve given my face a quick cleanse, it’s time to apply moisturiser, sun protection and some coverage – but there’s no need to take three separate products everywhere I go. With this multi effect tinted moisturiser, I get all three in one handy tube.

There’s soothing hydration from Vitamin E and macadamia, sunscreen for protection, and sheer coverage in the form of a light foundation – all without the hidden chemicals and added nasties found in many foundations and BB or CC creams.

So there you have it: with just two products in two minutes, I’ve cleansed my skin, provided a boost of antioxidants and a light fragrance, moisturised, added sunscreen, and given my face a natural glow. Now that’s what I call multitasking skincare.

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