Heaven scent: why you can’t get enough of these anti-ageing creams

When we sent out three of our favourite products for you to try, via BlackBox Australia, we were blown away by the feedback. Not only were we chuffed to score a Silver Medal for our antioxidant night restoring cream (which means more than 80% of users would recommend it to friends and family), we were also stoked to learn that you love the scent of these products just as much as we do!

At Blessed by Nature we believe that skincare should feel like a pampering experience, without the day-spa price tag. That’s why we’ve enriched our natural and organic antioxidant creams with aromatic botanicals and essential oils that fight the signs of ageing – and smell divine.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our testers had to say about the fragrance of our top-selling antioxidant creams.



Enriched with rose, lavender, cocoa and vanilla

“Gorgeous scent, I felt like I was using a high-end spa product, which was lovely!”

“Absolutely loved this product. The smell was so nice that I'd wear it as a perfume. My skin felt lovely after I used it. Definitely would buy this again.”

“Blessed by Nature daily renewal cream leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated all day long and the scent is to die for.”

“A beautiful, luxurious product with a lovely smell.”

“I absolutely LOVE this product!!! Will definitely be buying it again, it smells divine and leaves my skin feeling amazing. It’s my favourite product for sure!”



Enriched with patchouli, rose and jojoba oils


“Beautiful relaxing aromatherapy scent, which seemed to help me relax before bed.”

“Exceptional product. Wow it has all the boxes ticked in every way. Its ethics and the actual product are high class. Packaging is adorable and easy on the eye, so makes you want to use it. The smell is delicious, intoxicating without being outlandish. Loved it.”

“A beautiful product, which smells amazing. I am prone to dry skin and breakouts but I love the effect the night cream has had on my skin – it is glowing.”

Amazing smell and absorption! My face feels amazing after three nights’ use.”

“Comments from partner: ‘you smell good’.”


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