How does your morning skincare routine make you feel?

If you’re anything like us, mornings are rarely relaxing. During the week, we speed through the bathroom before getting breakfast on the table and the kids out the door – and, with sports and family commitments, weekends aren’t much better.

We know how hard it is to find a moment for yourself each day, which is why we add a bit of ‘me time’ to every Blessed by Nature experience, with natural botanicals and beautifully fragranced oils that bring the pampering of a high-end day spa into your home.

Blessed by Nature’s ambassador Anna Heinrich has captured this perfectly in a series of short videos, produced by none other than her multitalented partner, Tim Robards.

In this first 30-second clip, Anna asks “How does your morning routine make you feel?” After applying a dab of Blessed by Nature moisturiser, she’s transported to a sun-dappled garden filled with flowers.


This scene of back-to-nature bliss is a far cry from the morning we’ve just spent scooping toast and cereal off the floor, and yet its message is at the heart of Blessed by Nature. Whether it’s using a scented body wash in the shower to invigorate your senses, applying an antioxidant renewal cream to nourish your skin throughout the day, or taking those extra 20 seconds to apply a soothing eye serum in the morning, by choosing natural and organic products that pamper and protect, you’re getting your day off to a sweet start – even if it does head downhill once you hit the school run.

Anna took to Instagram to launch the clip, saying:

“How does your morning routine actually make you FEEL? @bbnskincareaus is the best skincare I’ve used on my sensitive skin and why I’ve partnered with them as their proud #ambassador. I’m also proud of my man, Tim, for directing/producing this creative and bringing to life what I FEEL!! More to come...”

 This isn’t the first time we’ve been wowed by Tim’s on- and off-screen talents. Tim recently starred in and produced three videos for our men’s skincare brand, Handsome (of which he is the oh-so handsome ambassador). With his keen eye for styling and passion for storytelling, could this be the start of a new career for Anna’s leading man?


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