Self-love: make the switch to natural skincare for winter

While we pore over the wedding photos of Anna and Tim in sun-kissed southern Italy, we’re feeling the chill back home. Now that the cold weather has well and truly arrived in Australia, it’s time to revisit your skincare routine for winter.

Wife, mamma and blogger Alisha Williamson of Mama Chic is a trained beauty therapist with a passion for health and wellbeing, so she knows exactly what it takes to keep your skin in tip-top condition throughout the cooler months.



Keeping your skin at its best in winter can be a bit of a struggle sometimes. As mums we always put our tribe’s needs before our own, I’m sure you put cream on bub tonight. So, why not look after your own skin. You hear me talk a lot about self-love… well, this is definitely one of those self-love moments,” says Alisha.

For Alisha, it’s all about adjusting your skincare routine, just as you’d revamp your wardrobe. “If you’re still using a cream on your skin that you were using 6 months ago it may not be working for you now… Changing your skincare with the seasons helps keep the skin on its toes! Your skin also needs different ingredients and different textures for different seasons. Just like you change your clothes for different seasons you need different creams and serums,” she says.

I was recently sent some facial products and I’ve fallen in love!” says Alisha, of the Blessed by Nature range. “I’ve been totally convinced to switch to organic natural beauty for the winter. 

I’m prone to psoriasis during the winter as the cold sets in and so does my dry skin. So when I tried the Antioxidant Daily Renewal Cream and Night Restoring Cream I was so impressed with how my skin felt. I also sent the deep cream cleanser, which is also gorgeous and cleanses off makeup with ease! Not to mention the price, I was absolutely blown away by how affordable the products are. You can buy day and night creams, a serum and a cleanser all for under $100!

You will really love the range as it covers all skin types and concerns. Trust me it takes a lot to impress me! 

Saphire Kat was also impressed with her Blessed by Nature bounty. The Melbourne-based beauty lives life to the fullest and knows how to take care of herself. She’s found a new secret weapon for winter in our Pure Balance Matte Moisturiser.



"As the Melbourne weather becomes more wild, so does my skin. In the last week my face has gone super oily after my workouts, super dry from sitting in front of the heater all day, AND it broke out because – hey, hormones!

“It's becoming so crucial in these cooler months to stick to a routine and understand that my skin responds to natural products. The @bbnskincareaus Matte Moisturiser has become my daily go to for under my makeup and for a quick hydration boost on the go.”

Whether it’s the gorgeous fragrances, the ethical practices or the wallet-friendly prices, find out why more Australian women are making the switch to Blessed by Nature.

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