Skincare essentials for holidays and honeymoons

Wedding bells are in the air, as our very own ‘royal’ couple prepares to tie the knot. While official plans haven’t been released yet (to keep those pesky paps at bay), Anna has revealed to Honey Style a few of the skincare essentials she’ll be packing in her honeymoon bag.

In an interview with Brooke Campbell, Anna was asked what beauty items she will be taking with her on the plane as she jets off on her honeymoon with Tim Robards.

“Face and body moisturiser,” says Anna. “Flying can leave you extremely dehydrated, both inside and out, so it’s important to look after your skin throughout the flight and top up your moisturiser every couple of hours.”

While Anna’s favourite daily facial moisturiser and beauty elixir botanical body lotion will have to be stowed in her suitcase for the flight, our nifty 60ml tube of multi effect tinted moisturiser is the perfect size for packing in your cabin luggage. It nourishes and provides sheer coverage, so you’ll hit the ground with a healthy glow.

Another petite performer is our wild harvested rose hip oil, which absorbs quickly into the skin for a speedy dose of hydration and antioxidants – ideal for fighting the dehydrating effects of plane travel. It also does double-duty as a serum, night cream and blemish corrector, so you can reduce the number of products you pack.

Flying can also wreak havoc on the delicate skin around the eyes, so to avoid dark circles and puffy eyes, Anna will apply a few dabs of antioxidant soothing eye serum so she’ll look bright eyed as she touches down.

When she and Tim arrive at their top-secret destination, Anna will be able to cleanse the flight away with micellar pure cleansing water.

“It is the most effective and least harmful way to take off your makeup at the end of the day,” says Anna. “It is face friendly.”

And no travel skincare kit is complete without a pack of purifying cleansing wipes. Enriched with mandarin and lavender oils, these beautifully fragrant wipes are ideal for a mid-flight pick-me-up, or a quick cleanse following a sun-kissed day at the beach.