Why you should switch to natural skincare in your 40s

Forty may be the new thirty in terms of lifestyle, but the same can’t always be said for our skin. Once we hit the big 4-0, our skin requires a little extra love. But you needn’t resort to expensive – or chemical-packed – products to fight the signs of ageing. Follow our simple 5-step skincare routine for naturally beautiful skin in your 40s and beyond.

Step one: Switch to a cream cleanser

Our 40s are a time of hormonal changes, which can make the skin drier and reduce its ability to retain moisture. Now’s not the time for a harsh cleanser that strips the skin of natural oils. Instead, use a deep cream cleanser to gently clean and boost hydration without clogging pores.

Step two: Harness the power of rosehip oil

If there’s one product you need in your anti-ageing arsenal, it’s wild harvested organic rosehip oil. This pure oil is an antioxidant powerhouse, fighting fine lines, reducing the appearance of blemishes and scars, calming inflammation, and regenerating the skin’s tissue. Apply a few drops to damp, freshly cleansed skin, morning and night.

Step three: Focus on your eyes

Whether you want to reduce the appearance of fine lines or say goodbye to puffiness and dark circles, make an antioxidant soothing eye serum part of your daily skincare routine. Packed with natural antioxidants and nourishing ingredients, including sunflower, aloe vera, jojoba and Kakadu plum, this eye serum is gentle enough to use every day.

Step four: Hydrate day and night

Apply a hydrating moisturiser brimming with anti-ageing properties morning and evening. Start your day with an antioxidant daily renewal cream to fight free radicals and promote healthy, glowing skin. Then give your skin the best chance to repair itself overnight by using an antioxidant night restoring cream that does the hard work while you rest.

Step five: Choose natural and organic products

You might think the more the merrier when it comes to skincare, but certain combinations of active ingredients can cause redness and inflammation. Instead, look for natural and organic products that combine the powerful double-act of vitamins C and E, such as our antioxidant collection.

Made using natural and organic ingredients, and free of harsh chemicals, fragrances and colours, the Blessed by Nature range is ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive. For more on naturally beautiful skin at every age, discover the natural solution for teenage skin, the best skincare routine for your 20s, a simple skincare routine for your 30s, and an anti-ageing daily routine to promote healthy, younger looking skin. 


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