Win a Winter Hydration Skincare Pack

As the mercury drops, it’s time to dust off your coat, polish your boots, and give your skincare routine a seasonal reboot.

Now, with winter on the horizon it’s time to give your skin some extra attention. Our body’s biggest organ cops a beating during the cooler months, as we dash between the dehydrating heating of our cars, homes and offices, and the wind and rain outdoors.

Blessed by Nature ambassador Anna Heinrich is all too familiar with the havoc winter can play on her looks. In a recent interview with Body and Soul, she revealed her secret to getting through the cooler months without having to deal with itchy, dry and sensitive skin.

“Always moisturise before bedtime and use natural and organic products. I recommend Blessed By Nature’s antioxidant night restoring cream. By leaving it on overnight the product can be absorbed completely and works more effectively,” Anna says.

For a much-needed hit of hydration during winter, be liberal with your moisturiser – and apply morning and night for best results.

When the cold weather hits, your hands can also become dry and irritated, and as Anna’s wedding day is fast approaching, she’s been paying special attention to her hands.

“I keep a tube of nutrient rich hand and nail cream in my handbag and another beside my bed to apply each night before falling asleep,” says Anna.

And don’t forget to show the delicate skin around your eyes some extra love during winter. By applying an antioxidant soothing eye serum after cleansing, you’ll reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help reduce puffiness and dark circles brought on by those dark mornings.

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