Our values




We are passionate about creating an Australian natural and organic skincare range suitable for the whole family at an affordable price, and we know we’ve delivered. 



We believe life’s all about balance and this is reflected through our approach to skincare.

Maintaining a simple, skincare regime for skin that tends to be oily, including our foaming facial cleanser and pure balance matte moisturiser will leave your skin balanced, fresh and glowing.

Whether you have normal to combination or oily skin, Blessed by Nature’s balance range has a product that’s perfect for you.


At Blessed by Nature, our product range is infused with natural Australian botanicals, extracts and essential oils. We create our products with love and authenticity.

Our daily basics range of hydrating mist toner, daily facial moisturiser and our mandarin and lavender wipes showcase our commitment to delivering natural, honest and ethical  skincare without any hidden nasties.


We’re passionate about taking a holistic approach to skincare. You deserve to be cherished with naturally nourishing and protecting products that care for your skin from within.

Our deep cream cleanser, retoning facial scrub and micellar water will help keep your skin – just as nature intended.


When it comes to skincare, we all love to see results.
For those conscious of the effects of ageing skin, we’ve tailored our range to deliver positive, visible results.

Our antioxidant night restoring cream and antioxidant daily renewal cream fight free radicals and deliver anti-ageing goodness, giving you the ‘wow’ factor that only comes from using the most pure and effective ingredients.


Everyone’s skin is exquisitely unique. 

Our sensitive facial moisturiser and face masque have been created to care for even the most delicate of skin, including younger members of the family. With only natural ingredients that are pure and gentle, our sensitive skincare range is effective yet gentle on skin.


Our hydrating body wash, hand wash, body lotion and hand and nail cream are designed to be shared with the whole family. Which is why we put our social stamp on products we think your family and friends will also adore. 

Spread the love (and the great skin)!


If you like the sheer coverage of a BB or CC cream, it’s time to discover the benefits of a natural alternative.

Our multi effect tinted moisturisers deliver light coverage and shimmer for effortlessly radiant skin. And contain sun protection to avoid the damage sun exposure can bring.


Discover the power of our intense healing range that leaves skin feeling noticeably rejuvenated by reinvigorating your complexion with a vitality that shines through.

Breathe life into your skin with deep treatments including our rosehip oil and eye serum and discover why our range is blessed by nature.